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Apagraph is here to let you share text messages wrapped in a beautiful and attractive themes
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Minimal layout

Type text on empty page, with few small sharing buttons in the bottom


You are allowed to change a theme — pair of background and font family or even custom CSS


Use just your keyboard to type, save draft, change theme or publish

PostersComing soon!

Print any message you like in a beautiful poster

We cooperate with designers

We cooperate with designers

apagraph.com is the way for sharing people’s thoughts and opinions. Genius words need to be geniusly expressed. We help our users to express their words in the most beautiful and attractive way. We make our users excited about how their words impress other persons.

We are looking for partnership with talented designers who understand our goals and the way we are trying to achieve them.

Typography and photography skills are mostly appreciated as text and background image are the main parts of apagraph message layout.

How to apply

To get in partnership with us you need to show us theme(s) you have created. It should be .psd/.png file or complete html/css template. Please send themes files to hiiamdesigner@apagraph.com.

Not all themes will be accepted. After approval we will put your theme on apagraph, it will be available in themes list to any user.

What is the theme

Theme is just an html template passed with user text and couple of control buttons to be placed somewhere on it. User text may be up to 255 characters long, but typically it is up to 50 characters.

Good news are that you can place absolutely any kind of html/css/javascript code in your template. Obviously we will check the code before offer to our users.

How you will be paid

Any apagraph message can be printed in a poster. So to get paid your theme need to be used in a printed message.

We will pay you $1 per each poster printed with your theme. We usually will transfer money to your paypal account, but we can find another way for transferring money if paypal doesn’t work for you.