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10 Keep it Real Quotes for Those Who Just Want to live Life

July 26, 2019
3 min read

Be true to yourself and see your world turn around

With so many influenced from friends, family, and social media it is easy to fall into the trap of doing what others want us to. Add to this the fact that there are so many demands in the works place, it is no wonder that we do not know which way to turn at times.

Listen to your inner wisdom

If you are feeling a little lost and are fed up with doing what you think others want you to do, it is time to take a step back. By taking some time out to listen to your heart you will be able to connect with your own thoughts and feelings that will ultimately drive you in the right direction. Saying no to toxic people and situations that make you feel uncomfortable will make you much happier. We only have one life so we need to go and live it in the best way possible.

If you truly want to be yourself then it is time to look to keep it real quotes to remind you just how awesome you can be on your own.

Apagraph users like to motivate one and other which means there are lots of personal motivation quotes on our website and lots of keep it real quotes that offer inspiration.

Take a look at the top 10 to keep it real quotes on the Apagraph site for a little inspiration

1. Being real is very simple

2. Get rid of the fake people in your life, they will only bring you down

3. It doesn't cost anything to be yourself--not a penny

4. Don't waste time on stupid people

5. If you are real in your relationships they will be stronger


7. You cannot please everyone but you can please the people that matter. Not everyone will like you, but that is ok

8. Yes! Be who you are meant to be

9. What is the point of being perfect if you are not your true self?

10. While it is important to be kind and not upset people, you should start standing up for yourself and tell people what you think rather than carrying on doing what does not make you happy

If you love these keep it real quotes and you have been inspired to create your own, head over to our website now and create your own free quotes. There are over 30 colorful themes to accompany your quotes so that you can create a big impact on social media.

We look forward to seeing how you are keeping things real!

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