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3 New Apagraph QuoteThemes to Impress your Friends

If you are a fan of motivational quotes then you will have been enjoying creating free quotes on the Apagraph website. If you haven’t visited us get then now is your chance! Creating quotes online an sharing them to your social media accounts is a great way of putting yourself out there and letting others know what is on your mind.

If you have some words of wisdom that you want to share with your friends you can now enjoy 3 new Apagraph themes. Let’s take a look at our new themes, we are sure you will be just as excited as we are!

Shooting Stars

We love the feel of this shooting star quote and it is sure to become one of our most popular. It is paired here with an inspiring quote from Diana Ross about believing in yourself to achieve your goals. The mood of this theme conjures up images of aiming to the stars and looking up to better things when times are feeling difficult. 

We also think this theme would be great for quotes about nature and the world, especially as we enter the fall and winter months. What do you think?

Taking Notes

Do you like to write lists? Or perhaps you love to write songs, poems, or stories? Well, now you can share your thoughts on paper and pass them on to the world. This theme is great for thoughtful quotes and can be used with Wednesday Wisdom of Tuesday Thoughts hashtags over on Twitter and Instagram. Our notepad theme is very clear and bright which can help you bring clarity in times of confusion. Get straight to the point and get your words out as fast as you can—GO!

Crashing Waves

How calm and peaceful is our new wave theme? If you love quotes to help you relax or calming quotes then this is the perfect match for you. The image that we have used was created on World Mental Health Awareness Day and tells the world that ‘It is okay not to be okay”. If you work in the wellbeing industry and like to create wellbeing quotes to do with your business we think your clients would love this theme and will be sure to share with their friends.

How amazing are our new themes? Our regular quote lovers have already started to use our new themes and now you can too!

Now that you have seen our new themes we would love to hear what you have to say to the world. Head over to our free quote creation site now and you can have your quote live in just three easy steps.

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