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8 It's Friday Quotes to Get Your Weekend Started

If you live for Fridays, these 8 ‘it’s Friday’ quotes will get the party started!

Friday—the best day of the week! If you love Fridays as much as we do, you will want to shout your happiness from the rooftops as the best day of the week hits us.

Whether you are planning on a weekend packed full of fun, games, and excess or you plan on putting your feet up the whole time, there is an ‘It’s Friday’ quote for everyone. 

Take a look at the best ‘It’s Friday’ quotes created and shared by our wonderful Apagraph community.

Oh, hey there!

A fun quote for  when you are feeling in the mood for a holiday and are determined to make your weekend a hot one, no matter where you are

Keep your chin up

If your week has not been the best then Friday may be the day that all of your fortunes turn themselves around. A perfect Friday is full of smile, so whether you get together with your best friends or snuggle on the sofa with your loved one, this is YOUR Friday.

Phew, time to rest!

If Friday is all about downtime for you, then go embrace the laziness! We all lead busy lives so don't feel guilty about putting your feet up, ordering takeout and indulging in yourself this weekend.

Pure happiness!

Yes, Friday really is the epitome of a happy day! For most people, school is out, the office is closed, and family time is the main focus of the next couple of days. It is true that we can waste away our week wishing it to be Friday, but it's ok to dream right?

I dreamed a dream

If you feel that you can achieve anything this weekend then you CAN. Go get it!

Did somebody say wine?

It's Friday, you know what to do! If there was ever a time for a wine or a beer it is Friday night so go and round up your friends

Well, my body is Fridaylicious baby!

Who needs Beyonce when you have Friday!

Sing it with us

The perfect day for love. The perfect day for everything.

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You can create your best Friday quotes in a just a few easy steps and we sure are looking forward to reading some of your favorites. 

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