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The Best Invisible Quotes for When you Just Want to be Seen

Are you an introvert who struggles to get your point across? Or perhaps you are living with an invisible illness. Whatever way in which you struggle to be heard, the pain is real.

The pain of being invisible can be difficult to come to terms with as we don't always tell other people how we are feeling and our faces do not show how hurt we are.

However, even if we do not show our true feelings and share them with others there are ways that we can start to become visible. By setting goals for ourselves, starting with small tasks and building up to larger tests, we can begin to build confidence. Each new step we take it a step to feeling part of the society we live in.

If you are someone who has confidence but is struggling to be heard you need to take heart in that you know that you are right and if you keep trying to make yourself visible you will be seen. We love this invisible quote as it shows just how much you can do from the back seat.

Sometimes all you need is a little hope and your positive thoughts can quietly make things happen, just like this quote shows us.

When it comes down to it, you must learn how to love yourself and love your own actions. Being seen by others can hugely benefit our self-esteem but, at the end of the day, being pleased with yourself is what is most important.

Tips For Making Yourself Visible

If these invisible quotes are resonating with you and you want to make yourself heard, here are a few tips on making yourself visible both at work and at home:

1. Make a list of your strengths and write down how you think other people know you

2. Take yourself out of your comfort zone by learning new things and mixing with new people

3. If you like to take yourself away from a crowd, rethink your actions and be part of the team at work

4. If you are lacking confidence in social situations why not start volunteering somewhere new where you can mix with like-minded people

5. Always do your bets because hard work pays off

6. Praise yourself and give yourself a pat on the back—we all need self-love from time to time and when we are happier others will notice

Blending into The Background

Of course, while some people are striving to be in the spotlight there are others who are quite happy to take a back seat. If we were all extroverts then life may feel a bit chaotic so we should all embrace different personality types. If you are quietly confident and want to embrace being just who you are then this invisible quote is the one for you!

If you like these invisible quotes and want to write your own quotes on how to live your bets life, head to Apagraph today and make yourself visible. 

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