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The Best 'Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy' Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

If we think back to when we were kids we can hear our parents nagging us to work hard at school if we want to be successful when we are older. While it is difficult to acknowledge that our parents were right all along, in this case, they were. The truth is, that when we want to achieve great things we need to understand that nothing worth having comes easy.

We take a look at the top reasons why we should always take note of 'nothing worth having comes easy' quotes to help you stay focused.

1. It can help with our career

There some lucky people that will fall on their feet no matter how little work they do, but they are in the minority. In order to work in a job that we love and earn a good wage, we need to put the effort in. While you may be good at your job it is important to push yourself as much as you can (while maintaining a good work/life balance) so that you stand out among your peers,

2. You will stay motivated

Money and status do not make us all happy but we do all strive for happiness. If we settle for what we have when there are things out there that may make us happier we may risk living a life full of regrets. 

3. You may be lucky in love

Relationships are very difficult, even when we think people are our soul mates. The truth is that while we will have fantastic times with our loved ones, we need to work hard to make relationships work. By communicating with our loved ones and working on our personal development we can make ourselves happier and therefore help others to be happy.

4. We can help others

By working hard to help others we can create a better society. When we have achieved all we want career-wise and in relationships, it is time to help others. By pushing community ventures or working for charities, for example, we can push to be the best that we can be.

5. We can leave a legacy

Do you want to reach your death bed with nothing to be proud of? Knowing that we have pushed ourselves to achieve great things will leave us feeling fulfilled when it comes to sharing our story with loved ones.

Have we inspired you to go out and achieve more? We hope that we have given you food for thought and you will not rest on your laurels

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