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The Best 'Stupid People Quotes' for Times When you an Eye Roll Just Isn't Enough

April 8, 2019
2 min read

How many times have you had to roll your eyes or bite your lip and the stupidity of people today? We are guessing that it is a lot! Being silly is part and parcel of life and we all get things wrong from time to time, heck, sometimes it’s just fun to be a bit silly. If, however, you feel that some people just grate in your nerves and there silliness is just too much, there are ways to get it all of your chest.

All Kinds of Stupid

There are lots of great quotes on the Apagraph website that will relate to just how you are thinking about the stupid people in your life. Whether it is your dad who just can’t seem to grasp the art of a good joke or the office funny man who thinks he is hilarious when clearly he needs a lesson or two at clown school, there will be a quote that makes you shout, “YEAH”!

Take a look at a few of our favorite quotes here!

When Stupid Gets too Serious

For When YOU Are Told You Are The Stupid One!

Yes, I Maybe Stupid But Have You Looked In The Mirror?

When Sarcasm Is The Only Way Forward

Just Laugh it Off

Create Your Own Stupid People Quotes

Of course, we understand that this is all tongue and cheek as nobody likes a spoilsport! These stupid people quotes are perfect for having a quick laugh to yourself or for sharing with your circle of friends on social media. If you would like to create your own stupid quote as the ones you see can’t quite to relate to how you are feeling, head over to the website and create your words of wisdom.

Have fun making fun of people, but remember, there are lots of kind quotes out there too!

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