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Create a Short Dance Quote and Express Yourself Through Music

Music has the power to unite, it loves bringing people together. You can bring your dance moves alight by creating fun music quotes on the free Apagraph platform. 

Music allows for great freedom of expression, something that is important for all of us as we under so much pressure to conform in school or work. Work rules and adhering to social norms often lead us with no way to put their own stamp on their identity. The ability to take time out, just for ourselves to enjoy something with no pressure attached should be encouraged, with the music and dance being an excellent option. 

Get those Dopomines Moving

When we are feeling low or we don’t have the time to see our friends, playing music or a little kitchen dance can go a long way to soothe our mood. If you wanted to take your love of music the whole hog, you can even begin to learn a musical instrument.  Studies have shown the music lessons can release dopomines that make use feel good about ourselves. When children develop their music skills and can play music, they will be able to play music that expresses how they are feeling and allows everything to come out rather than keeping it bottled in. 

If your child or you, for that matter, is prone to angry outbursts, letting off steam with the fiddle or a drumstick is a great way to release tension without hitting out. Similarly, those who are prone to internalizing feelings and keeping things to themselves, listening to them play music may give a parent insight into how they are feeling. Aside all of the therapeutic implications of playing the music, it is worth mentioning noting that music is lots of fun, something that you will no doubt want to have plenty of!

Express Emotions in Your Own Way

Significant research is taking place into the effects of music therapy on more in-depth disorders such as autism and Aspergers, with evidence showing that people with these conditions benefit from music. With limited communication skills, playing music is a way for people to express their emotions in new ways.

The multi-sensory aspect of listening and playing to music allows us to feel stimulated and feel positive about ourselves and the world around us! Take a look at our short dance quotes and the best music quotes to inspire to get those feet tapping!

There is always time for a dance

We should always try to avoid making mistakes!

Leave the dishes until tomorrow 

Because they are special. Very Special

Lose yourself in the music

Here’s to dancing around the kitchen today!

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