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10 Quotes That Show That You Can Fall Down Seven Times and Stand Up Eight

Staying motivated through difficult times can be tough, especially when you see others getting ahead of you. When it comes to developing resilience there are steps that you can take that make it easier to bounce back and achieve your goals.

Whether you experience a relationship breakdown, lose your job, or face financial difficulty, as the saying goes, you can “fall down seven times and stand up eight”. 

By following these tips you can soon be back on your feet again and you will learn how to get back up quicker next time something else does not go to plan:

Don’t Take it to Heart

Not all decisions that come your way are in your control. Yes, you will be sad that your company is changing location meaning you are out of a job, but that is NOT your fault. Try to take time to take a step back and assess the situation and don’t blame yourself if there are extenuating circumstances.

Be Kind

Even if you are at fault for something bad that is happening in your life you need to remember that we all make mistakes. Being kind to yourself is accepting where you have gone wrong and looking for ways to stop the same mistake happening again. If you need a good cry because you have been feeling low know that it is ok to feel like that and try not to beat yourself up about not being perky all of the time. We are all human.

Get Support

You do not always have to do this by yourself, there are people out there who care about you. If you are struggling with a design ask for advice, if you need help getting back on your feet say yes when people offer their support.

Practice Looking After Yourself

Self-care is so important. It is good to lean on others sometimes but earning how to look after yourself can make a huge difference in your mental state. If you are not getting enough sleep things will feel a lot worse, as it will if you are not eating or getting enough exercise. Self-care is not all about bubble baths and yoga, it is about making time for you and doing what you love best.

We think these 10 'fall down seven times and stand up eight’ quotes will perk you up and inspire to pick yourself and go take on the world, warts and all.

1. You are always a winner in our eyes

2. Stay strong

3. Just keep going

4. Know your purpose

5. Don't quit

6. You ARE strong

7. You will learn from your mistakes

8. Fight for the changes you want to see

9. The present is what matters

10. Morning Motivation

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