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Forget about the Mean People Quotes and Learn how to Be Nice

“I am fed up of seeing mean people quotes and just want the world to be nice”.

If this sounds like something you have been saying for years, now is the time to do something about it. You may find yourself in a career or a relationship that is not quite fulfilling your potential or you may have a lot of time on your hands that you feel can be better spent using your skills. A skill can be anything from having a fanatical knowledge of a certain country that would enable you to work as a travel consultant or you could be a doctor with a particular area of expertise. Whatever your skill, it is worth considering helping others, which in turn will help yourself.

Why should I help people?

Helping fellow human beings, while it can be difficult at times has many advantages, including:

  • It can make you feel good about yourself 
  • You can connect with others, which is especially good if you do not meet many people
  • You can improve the lives of others, in a variety of ways
  • You are doing something for the greater good and helping the world as a whole
  • You can inspire others to help each other 
  • You can earn money, whether it be your main income or extra cash to boost your earnings
  • It will increase your empathy towards others
  • It can improve your education and enhance your skills
  • It could act as great work experience for future job roles
  • You can broaden your horizons and learn about lots of different people and culture

Questions to ask yourself

  • You may want to consider the following questions when you are working out how you can help others
  • Who needs my help?
  • Why do people need my help? 
  • Is there any reason that they wouldn’t get help elsewhere?
  • What can I do to help people?
  • How often can I help people?
  • To what extent can I help people?
  • How much value can I deliver?
  • How do I measure my value?  
  • How can I deliver my help?
  • What are my strengths?
  • How can I promote my services?
  • How many people can I help?
  • Can I work as a team?
  • Should I charge for my services?
  • Can I inspire others to work with me?
  • What are my goals?
  • What do I really want to get out of helping others?

These are all questions that will crop up as you make your journey into fulfilling your potential, but you must consider as many as possible before starting out. This means throwing shade to any mean people in your life. 

These mean people quotes will help you focus on all that is good in the world so that you can start helping yourself and others. It is nice to be nice!

Just say no

Live your life


Rise above it all 

Haters gonna hate

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