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How Motivation Can Increase Your Performance

Even the most positive of people will experience a dip in motivation at various periods throughout their career. While your employers can support you in staying motivated, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep your career on track by looking at how you can stay happy.

This quote from Stephen Hawkins shows that you can succeed in life despite the setbacks that you will encounter.

So, what do you have to do in order to achieve your goals? We take a look at the best ways to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals.

Set Yourself Goals

When we start a new job or have a new fitness target we are eager and ready to go, with our minds focused on achieving lots of goals. As we settle into our task at hand, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by setting too many goals or gradually stop focusing on one thing at a time. So, how can you get a happy balance between being over-excited and unfocused?

Instead of writing a long list of goals, focus on a handful of goals that you need to achieve each day and maybe a week-long goal if you want to look long term.

Review Your Goals

Once you have found the right way to log your activity and progress, you can then look at how often you will review your goals. If you find that your daily goals are too easy, you may want to raise your game and give yourself more of a challenge. If you are finding yourself getting stressed at the end of the day, your goals may be unachievable and you can give relax and give youself a break to rethink. Looking past your daily goals, a weekly check is sufficient for a quick review, with a monthly check scheduled on once a month for a more thorough look at your progress.

Celebrate Your Success

It is easy to be hard on ourselves when we are going through a difficult patch, but we are not as quick to give ourselves a pat on the back does not come naturally. If you have done a great job, it can be truly uplifting to truly celebrate your achievements. By acknowledging your success rather than simply getting on with the next task, you can ride on the wave of your success and let it lead you to bigger and better things

Reward Yourself

We know you are not in school anywhere and we are not saying that you should give yourself a star sticker at the end of each day, but you should reward yourself. Your reward may come in the form of a special meal at the end of the day or a night out with friends at the end of the week, or it can simply be to splurge on a new pair of shoes at the end of each month. In a fast-paced work environment, your reward could simply be to leave the office a little earlier or add an extra 10 minutes onto your lunch hour. By enjoying your reward, you are motte likely to aim for future success.

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