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Ignore your head with these 5 Follow Your Heart Quotes

When it comes to making decisions and setting goals, there is often a dilemma when it comes to following either your heart or your head. There is time, particularly when it comes to business when you need to keep to what your head knows to be the right answer, but are you putting yourself under too much strain. When you are told to follow your heart, we know that this is not always easy as you want to do the right thing. We all do. Sometimes, however, it is very liberating to be bold and do what you think is the right thing to do rather than what other people tell you is the right thing to do.

We take a look at the these follow your heart quotes for 5 reasons that you should ignore your head.

1.You can say no to regrets

Following the crowd rather than going with your gut instinct may feel like the comfortable thing to do, but there will always be an element of ‘what if?’. Instead of wondering what could have been, by taking a leap of faith, you know exactly how it can be. Yes, things may go wrong, but at least you have tried.

2. You will gain the respect of others

When we are constantly being led by others we can begin to lose our sense of identity. If you are feeling lost, the chances are that others are not seeing the real you either. If you are not your authentic self, then you may run the risk of being walked over by others, especially in the workplace. When you start to follow your heart, you people will start to take note and know your worth.

3. You can think more clear

When we are trying to please others or are overwhelmed with facts and figures that are trying to make the right decision, you can become very stressed. By taking time to relax, collect your thoughts, and feel your gut, you will see the anxiety fall away.

4. You will improve yourself worth

By making decisions led by you and experienced by you, there will be a great sense of gratification. Each time you see successful results from decisions that you have made by following your heart, your confidence will be boosted tenfold.

5. You will have more fun

You may make mistakes when you follow your heart and others will not always approve, but, let's face it, it can be lots of fun. Life is not about being perfect; it is about trial and error, and most of all it is for living. So, go live your life now!

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