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The Importance of Male Bonding and How Manly Quotes Can Help Motivate You and Your Crew

If you are anything like the stereotypical portrayal of a man you will great your fellow males with a handshake or a cursory nod of the head. For centuries it has not been the norm for men to great each other with a hug or a kiss as women do, but time are changing and the world is beginning to wise up to the fact that men need human contact just as much as females. 

Male bonding with your friends and male families is an essential part of our development, something that gives us guidance when we are young and what comforts us when we are old. With the rise in bromance novels and movies and the acceptance of the importance of mental health, men are speaking up more and opening up about their feelings. 

There is also an ever-increasing delay in men and women getting married, buying a home, and settling down to a life-long career, which means that we are looking to the support of other men in our lives. Hey, sometimes it is just fun to hang out with the guys at a game or down the pub to have a little male company to discuss how we are feeling and what is going on in our lives.

No matter how you greet your male friends or how you choose to get your energy from your friends, these manly quotes will help you reflect on some of the things that define maleness. With both quotes to celebrate all things masculine and quotes that help you be a better man, our Apagraph users certainly have a way with words.

This quote is a great reminder to you and your friends that you must face your fears

YOU can move mountains. Any man can

When the pain gets too much just remember the old saying that goes 'no pain no gain'

Whatever you do and whoever you do it with, you need to live

Remember, your bros have always got your back

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