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Stupid people quotes will make you smile!

Whether you are down in the dumps over work or you have had enough of friends who are letting you down, we all need something to make us smile. Laughter is the best medicine, as they saying goes, and we each have our own ways to bring a little joy into our lives.

For some, watching our favorite rom-com turns our frown upside down and for others listening to words of wisdom on social media can perk us up. If you regularly search for ‘stupid people quotes’ you are not on your own! Lots of people love to read and share motivational quotes and inspiring quotes and, often, we just need plain old stupid jokes that takes the stress out of the day.

Apagraph users love to create and share free stupid quotes and here is a selection of our favorites:

Sometimes food-based humor is the only saving grace!

When you try to be nice but it's just not you

Know your tribe

You always have your friend's back

Say what you think

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