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How Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health and How You Can Surround Yourself with Positivity

Everyone knows that exercising regularly is good for our bodies and our fitness levels, but not all of us understand how it can benefit our mental health. Those who suffer from mental health problems are twice as likely to die from heart disease and four times more likely to die from a respiratory illness. These two statistics are very startling which is why you must get active is you suffer from a mental health condition.

If you are suffering from poor mental health you should seek support from medical professionals as well as family and friends. Once this help is found you can then look at ways to boost your self-care routine and add exercise your weekly activities.

To help keep you motivated to exercise you can surround yourself with good people quotes to help boost your mood.

Treating Moderate Depression

Various studies have shown that exercise can treat mild to moderate anxiety and depression, sometimes effectively as antidepressant medication. How does it do this, you may ask? The answer lies in chemicals in our brains. When we exercise, endorphins are and we feel energized and happy. These ‘feel good’ chemicals can help alleviate the symptoms of depressions and can prevent a relapse if you have just got over a bout of depression.

Exercise also promotes neural growth and reduces inflammation which leads to us feeling calm and relaxed rather than tense and worried. If you do feel like you are becoming overwhelmed with your emotions developing an exercise regime will help you manage your feelings and getting out for a run, for example, will break the cycle of depressing thoughts.

Preventing Low-Mood

For those who not suffer from mental health conditions but you suffer from low-mood or are concerned about the state of your mental health, getting fit may keep depression at bay. Sitting at home and not getting a lot of fresh air can lead to poor motivation and a low mood. By getting out and about and leading an active lifestyle can prevent your suffering from mental health problems.

Surround Yourself with Good People Quotes

To help boost your energy and keep a positive mindset you can turn to motivational quotes. When you surround yourself with good people quotes you can stay focused and try to keep negative thoughts at bay.

Apagraph is a free quote creation site in which many quote loving fans create good people quotes that spread wisdom throughout social media.

Here are a few good people quotes to keep you motivated on your mental health and exercise journey.

Let yourself shine

You are one of them

You are worth it

Keep on keeping on and you will reap the rewards

As David La Chapelle says, "treat people well"

If you love these Apagraph quotes and want to create your own we would love to see your favorite quotes that are motivating you at the moment.

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