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The Best ‘I am Not Perfect Quotes’ That Let You Know that Perfection is Not Real

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When we set ourselves goals we do so because we want to be better people. While this is commendable, we need to realize that perfection is something that we cannot really achieve. You will know this because as soon as we achieve the goals that we set we begin to make new ones because we are often unsatisfied with where we are in life.

Trying to Hard Gets you Nowhere

The truth is, when we try to hard we can put too much pressure on ourselves which means we are destined to fail. If you are anxious and under pressure then how are we ever going to be happy on the journey to reaching our goals. When we take a step back, take the pressure off and simply live life and enjoy the spirit of life we feel much happier.

Focus on Yourself

Often when we are searching for perfection we are looking to lead as good a life as others around us. We may see the woman with perfect skin or the family with the perfect house and car, the friend who is always going on perfect holidays and the colleague who always seems to get a promotion. The truth is that there is a whole other side of those people that we do not see. They are fighting their own battles and are likely to be searching for their own version of perfection. The truth then, it that there is no such thing as perfect.

To Ditch the Concept of perfect you can think about the following:

Ditching the word ‘should’ so that the pressure is taken away if you do not do what you "should".

Be mindful of what truly matters to you and what makes you happy rather than how others perceive happiness.

Stop comparing yourself to others—we are all different.

If you want to see the best ‘I am Not Perfect Quotes’ so that you keep real, take a look at our favorites from the Apagraph site.

1. Read it, let it sink in and then go live your life

2. You know it

3. The truth

4. When you love somebody no matter what

5. For when someone insits they are perfect but you are not so sure

You can create your own ‘I am Not Perfect Quotes’ to share with friends and family to remind yourself that you are the best that you can be, perfect or not.

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