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The Best ‘Never Argue With An Idiot’ Quotes To Get You Through The Day

May 31, 2019
3 min read

If your patience is wearing thin because you are surrounded by fools, these ‘never argue with an idiot’ quotes will save the day!

No matter how hard we try, we can never fully rid ourselves of fools. We work with them, we see them in the local park, heck, some of them are even family members. In order to enjoy a happy life, there are ways that you can learn to switch off so that you stay sane and argument free.

Don’t Argue With an Idiot

The best advice is to avoid getting into conflict with people who wind you up. While this is easier said than done, it will be better for your own mental health in the long run. Often the people who say and do silly things are doing it to get a rise from people and they will work out how to push people’s buttons. Some stupid people are clever and you will not want to be caught in their web. Instead, stay calm, smile, and ignore them. This will bug them more than anything!

Take Time Out

If you absolutely have to spend time with idiots, think awkward family dinners or the office party, then try to be kind to yourself and take some time out. Head out for fresh air or make your excuses and go and chat with someone who will not drain your brain cells. You will feel much better for it and you will get to meet some new people, just pray they are not idiots too!

Laugh it Off

Again, this is easier said than done but by laughing off your frustrations you will feel much better about yourself. Often, the more we look at idiots the more they push our buttons. So, look away, have a laugh and think how good it is not to be like them!

If all else fails, find a new job, move in with a new family and never leave the house again!

If you are struggling with the stupid people in your life, these ‘never argue with an idiot’ will put a smile back on your face. Well, at least until the next time you hear something silly.

1. Never lower yourself to their level

2.Beware of liars

3.If all else fails, zip it!

4.Leave the circus to Dumbo

5.Lower your expectations

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