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The Best Two-Faced People Quotes for When You Just Can’t Deal with Life

August 7, 2019
3 min read

The Best Two-Faced People Quotes for When You Just Can’t Deal with Life 

Dealing with people can be exhausting at the best of times, never mind when they are being difficult. If you are fed up with people saying one thing and then doing another, you will identify these two-faced people quotes.

Nothing Worse Than Fake People

We have lots of things to navigate in life, whether it be the horrid commute to work, the never-ending deadlines, or the hectic family life. When our lives are so busy we want people to be upfront with us rather than being fake, which sounds much easier than it really is.

While dealing with two-faced people can be very frustrating you can take the following steps to avoid them where possible so that they do not have a negative impact on your life.

1. Get your facts straight

Before you go off the deep end and but all ties with someone for being two-faced you need to make sure that they are guilty as charged. This could mean corroborating a story you have heard, asking somebody outright what they have said, finding evidence, or asking trusted friends who can shed light on the situation.

2. Take some time out

If you know that someone has said something behind your back then maybe take some time out to contemplate what has been said. It could be that this is a first offense and that it is out of character, so you may want to explore clearing the air. It could also be that there is an element of truth in what people have said behind your back but they did not feel comfortable saying it to your face.

3. Talk it Through

After mulling things over it is time to have ‘the talk’! Settle down for a grown up conversation about your concerns and see how things develop. You may find that then other person shows remorse and you can figure out a way to move on. However, if you sit down to talk and you are not feeling that they are being genuine then it may be time to end that relationship.

4. Move on

You are worth more than being treated unfairly so if somebody shows no remorse or continues to bad mouth you behind you back then it is time to say goodbye. You can show that you can be the better person by staying calm, moving on, being polite when needed, and not letting bad thoughts getting you down.

The Best Two-Faced People Quotes

Take a look at the best two-faced people quotes created on the Apagraph website. Once you read these quotes you will know that you are not on your own when dealing with people who are not who they appear to be. 

1. Know when you are winning

2. Be real

3. Know your worth

4. Watch your back

5.Hey, where are you?

6. Ain't that the truth

7. Don't waste your time on small-minded people

8. I see your true colors

If you love these two-faced people quotes and would like to create your own, head over to the Apagraph website where you can create your own words of wisdom for free.




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