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The Power of Belief—I Think Therefore I am Quotes

Philospopher René Descartes coined the famous phrase “I Think Therefore I am” and people have been contemplating these words ever since. 

In a world where we are all busy and our lives are seemingly ruled for us, it is difficult to see how we get through the day and achieve what we need to. Think about how you feel in the morning with a huge task list ahead of you, the chances are you are feeling overwhelmed. 

The truth is, if you truly believe that you have no time to take lunch away from your desk then the chances are that you will be eating lunch at your desk. However, if you say to yourself that you will be taking 30 minutes away from your desk and write that on your list then you will allow yourself time for that break. Sometimes we just need to take time to breathe and to think.

By thinking about the actions you will take and planning how you will do them, they are more likely to happen. This can be the case for something small but also when we need to dream big. Believe in yourself and you can achieve.

In a similar vein, if you are surround by negative people and negative thoughts it may be time to take yourself away from that negativity. Behavior breeds behavior and you do not have time for that. If you are being told that you are not good enough, it is time to take charge of your own thoughts and say I CAN.

If you are struggling to believe in yourself then there are 4 major steps in achieving your success:

1.Believing it is possible

2.Visualizing that it is possible

3.Acting as if it is possible

4.Taking action towards your goal

These ‘I Think Therefore I am Quotes’ from the Apagraph community will help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

It is impossible to fail if you believe

Try not to overthink

Keep doubt at bay

The power of positivity is huge

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