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Three Easy Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

If you are running your own business or you manage a large team you will know the how difficult it is to keep your team motivated. The US Bureau of Labor that productivity in many industries has dropped in the past 12 months, with the manufacturing industry seeing a 2% drop. Without motivation your team will feel dissatisfied at work, will struggle to complete tasks and will ultimately lose business for you.

Studies have shown that workplace productivity improves up to 25% when we actively engage with our employees.

How, then, do we ensure that our employees feel connected to our business goals? Here are a few ideas that may help to inspire your employees so that productivity can increase.

Provide Development

When employees do not learn new things they can become bored of the work they are doing and this attitude will spread through the workforce. There are lots of physical and online CPD courses that can enhance the skills of your staff that will keep them hungry for more.

Communicate Effectively

Instead of emailing the same orders to your staff try to talk to them face to face. When staff are kept in the loop and are given updates on progress they can have more input and will feel part of a team that want to achieve the same overall goal.

Give Credit Where it is Due

Not acknowledging your employees good work is a sure fire way to make they grumpy in their work. It is so important to tell your team when they have done a great job so it may be time to think about putting a reward and recognition scheme in place.

To help you stay motivated and to inspire your employees, these handy inspirational quotes can either be shared on your social media accounts, newsletters, and memos or you can order premium quality posters that can be displayed throughout the office.

Remember to Listen to Your Employees

Teamwork is Dreamwork

The Effort you Put in Today Will See Big Rewards from You and Your Team

If you Deliver More so Will Your Team

Learning is the Key to Success for You and Your Team

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