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What We Can Do to Prevent Negative Self-Esteem and Negative Energy Quotes that will Help You

October 25, 2019
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Positive self-esteem is being aware of our strengths and weakness, which will eventually lead to a confident approach through life. Poor self-esteem can lead to a life of self-doubt and a general inability to progress the way we want to. Whilst many of us will battle through our insecurities, there can be long term effects such as anxiety and depression. 


Our sense of self-worth is developed in the early stages of childhood and carries us through into adulthood. Whilst our sense of self-worth will change slightly as we take on new experiences, fundamentally the seeds are sown at an early age and it is much harder to alter the way we view ourselves the older we get. Our self-worth, or self-esteem, is formed by our success in the following areas; the ability to form relationships (social), the skills we learn (competency), how we look (physical) and our traits (character).

Hierarchy of Needs

If we take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we know that we need the physiological basics of food, water, sleep, sex, etc in order to survive. This should be a given for all of us. Past our physiological needs, there is a need for us to feel safe and healthy and then to go on and form healthy relationships with friends and family. If all of these needs are in place, then it is possible for us to have a strong sense of self-esteem, in which we have a sense of achievement and acceptance of our selves as well as others. Maslow, and later Carl Rogers, spoke about the importance of self-actualization, a state in which we have an acceptance of the facts, and the ability to problem-solve and a sense of spontaneity. Rogers said;

"The organism has one basic tendency and striving - to actualize, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism” (Rogers, 1951, p. 487).

Negative Energy

If we look at what we can do to instill positivity within ourselves and our children it all comes down to good communication. One thing that we do need to do is to stay away from negative energy. There are many negative energy quotes on social media feeds as we strive to remind ourselves that we are strong enough on our own without relying on those who suck the positivity out of life.

Take a look at some of our favorite negative energy quotes over on the Apagraph site

Spread positivity everywhere you go

Think of the long-term goals

Keep in touch with your needs

No time for negativity from others

Stay focused, stay fresh

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