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Why The Hummingbirds are The Sharks of The Sky is So Popular

CaptainSparklez does it again!

If you are a fan of gaming or YouTube you are sure to have heard of Captainsparklez also known as Jordan Maron. Captainsparklez is well known for playing video game Minecraft but he is also well known for coming up with words of wisdom and quotes that fans love!

One of his recent quotes was this little gem:

"It just flies forever, it's stuck there like the Sharks of the Sky because most sharks can't stop swimming either. That's probably the first time anyone's ever said that Hummingbirds are the Sharks of the Sky, and I'm going to own up to that."

This Hummingbirds are the Sharks of the Sky quote suggests that sharks have to keep swimming as to not sink and hummingbirds can't stop flying because they can't land. The fact is, Hummingbirds can actually stop so the analogy is flawed.

While not exactly correct we can see where Captainsparklez is coming from and it reminds of this famous Disney quote from Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming is a quote that we all have to remind ourselves about from now and then. When times get tough we feel that we can just give it all up and stop but if we carry on going then great things can happen. 

Captainsparklez is also known for this quote that has motivated his fans across the world. We have to say we like this one a lot as it embraces our differences and tells fans that it is good to be who you are.

Whether right or wrong Captainsparklez loves to throw quotes out there and is does not matter if others agree of not, it’s all about having fun! BE YOURSELF and LOVE YOURSELF

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