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You are beautiful inside out, make up is to make you up what you already are. Author Haroon Rashid @authorharoonrashid

1% of the world's resources belong to 99% of population

Bol güneş temiz hava al

There’s some evidence that introverts and extroverts both benefit from being pushed to be more extroverted. Consider this the next time you aren’t sure if you feel like going out.

Sturgeon’s law states that 90% of everything is crap. If you dislike poetry, or fine art, or anything, it’s possible you’ve only ever seen the crap. Go looking!

“It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom.” ALBERT EINSTEIN


Bir önyargıyı yok etmek, atomu parçalamaktan daha zordur. Albert Einstein


Human mood and well-being are heavily influenced by simple things: Exercise, good sleep, light, being in nature. It’s cheap to experiment with these.

In general, you will look for excuses to not be kind to people. Resist these.

Call your parents when you think of them, tell your friends when you love them

Don’t confuse ‘doing a thing because I like it’ with ‘doing a thing because I want to be seen as the sort of person who does such things’

If something surprises you again and again, stop being surprised.

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