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La historia de un hombre, es la historia de la humanidad.


18 de abril – Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios. Patrimonio para nuestras Generaciones. “Los jóvenes de hoy son los líderes del mañana” – Nelson Mandela

Spring is around the corner, Let's Get Together!

Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and more steadily we reflect on them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.

I like to hang out with people who make me forget to look at my phone

Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you

If you don't like me, I 'm cool with that, just don't pretend that you do

I hate two faced people, it's so hard deciding which face to slap first

I love making people who hate me hate me even more

People never understand what you do for them, until you stop doing it

You are not rich until you have something that money can't buy

Quiet people have the loudest minds

Sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey. They don't need to, it's not for them.

If people are talking about you behind you back, just fart

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